Zummer for Oracle P6

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With 67 different analysis tabs, 53 different comparison reports, 6 different work order reports, and 16 different comprehensive graphs Zummer allows users to compare schedules, analyze costs, and analyze project. Zummer is perfect for any company with large projects or companies with a lot of projects.

Reasons for Zummer

  1. Select & view specific analysis & comparison reports
  2. Produce reports in a format presentable to the schedule submitter
  3. Analyze & compare schedules in real time
  4. Track QA/QC progress and compliance to scheduling specifications
  5. Present graphs of Critical milestones, Float Distribution, Cash flow, ect.
  6. Pinpoint Work Order’s impact to the base contract work
  7. Maintian high quality product for “In House” CPM schedules
  8. Automate Schedule Monthly Reports

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