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Our primary consulting efforts are centered around Project Management Office (PMO) implementations. A PMO implementation involves formal training along with the team building that is needed to really make P6 of Oracle or Contract Manager of Asta an indispensable tool. Implementations do not have a specific time frame but are on-going until all the users are competent to be part of a team that creates, collects, and distributes information during a project.

Some of the things that take place with an implementation are:

  1. Formal training to assure full benefit from the software tool.
  2. Core team selection
  3. PMO charter to define the scope and commitment of the team.
  4. Analysis of who needs what kind of information during the project.
  5. Roll out planning and training to insure that all users get what they need.
  6. Internal specifications for maximum control and continuity across projects.
  7. Contractor specifications to insure good project plans
  8. Data flow verification – who gets what.
  9. Data verification methods to insure that good information is created
  10. Planning for future user’s training and induction into the PMO.
  11. Software install testing to verify a good setup.
  12. System testing to verify that everything runs smoothly.
  13. Defining management and field requirements to make sure everyone has the information they need, when they need it.

An implementation is the creation of the management structure and processes that are required so that everyone knows exactly what their job is during a project. When an implementation is complete the client will have skilled people collecting data and creating the information that is used to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

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