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Miami Micro Data is a South Florida-based company with a unique blend of talented people dedicated to providing project management solutions to all businesses. Our main clients are involved with construction, and oil & gas. We provide quality software tools from Numara, Oracle, Nomitech and eTimeMachine. We are successful because of our implementation services, and training classes.

Miami Micro Data has been involved with project management and the supporting software tools since 1986. We started with Primavera Systems DOS versions of P3 and have been selling and supporting project management efforts and tools ever since. Our primary goal is to make sure our clients are successful when they implement changes that involve project management software.

Currently we are located at:

Miami, Florida San Juan, Puerto Rico Port of Spain, Trinidad
Spain Panama Quito, Ecuador
Why Choose Miami Micro Data?

We get you the results that you need. We view software as a tool to be used along with a structured system made up of professionals that all know how to use the their software tools effectively. We are totally results oriented. Our services focus on key points such as customer service, satisfaction, competitive pricing, effective training, convenience, and quality. This is what makes Miami Micro Data stand out from the competition.

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