Time Sheet

Improved time management for maximum project efficiency

Record, submit and update all project and non-project time and expenses with web-based timesheets any place, any time.

With Time Sheet you can:

  • Accurately record time and expenses using web-based timesheets
  • Reduce operational costs by removing expensive printed timesheets and postage
  • Submit timesheets via a secure and fast solution regardless of time or location
  • Get complete visibility over productivity and performance
  • Reduce your administrative work and spend more time delivering projects
  • Improve communications between the office and remote workers
  • Make faster, more informed decision making
  • Integrate with Asta Powerproject multi-user solution for real-time progress updates
  • Integrate with financial systems for improved invoice to payment cycles


All involved in a project can easily record time spent on each task.

Projects are time-sensitive, involving tight deadlines and key milestones that must be met if they are to be successful in delivering the required benefits. Struggling to meet deadlines and feeling as though there are never enough hours in the day is a common factor in pressurised roles like that of a project manager.

Time Sheet is a flexible, web-based timesheet and expense management solution for the accurate recording of completed tasks and associated project expenses. With real-time integration to Asta Powerproject, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on actually delivering projects.

The system enhances processes and improves communications as both scheduled and completed work is automatically exchanged between Time Sheet and the Asta Powerproject multi-user solution. Those carrying out the work can receive up-to-date task priorities as well as record time; expenses, unscheduled work, overtime and non-project work from the one log in.

Project managers can receive regular, timely progress updates that once approved can be automatically fed into the main project plan. The result is early warning signs of any potential delays, accurate cost tracking for tighter budget controls and real-time project data for accurate project reporting; all without having to chase or wait on delayed or lost paper-based timesheets.

Time management is enhanced further through document linking providing remote users with instant access to any supporting project documentation needed to successfully deliver each project.

With Time Sheet you can quickly identify how much time is spent on project and non-project work as well as any business-as-usual work. Having visibility over an individual or team’s productivity enables you to truly assess your performance.

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