Risk Analysis

Simulated Risk Analysis for Optimising Project Success

Understand the effects of your project risks so they can be better assessed, proactively managed and effectively communicated.

Poor risk analysis is a common practice that will all too often prove fatal to a project’s success. Complex projects and heavily invested projects will carry greater risks, which leaves an overwhelming responsibility with project planners to ensure their assessments are thorough.

With Risk Analysis you can:

  • Highlight those tasks that carry the biggest risk
  • Better understand the potential impact of risks and opportunities
  • Quickly create and update precise project schedules
  • Reduce cost with flexible licensing and deployment options
  • Improve your project success rate
  • Increase ability to meet objectives and achieve profit margins
  • Track progress through a project so you can review and refine schedules
The Likelihood & Distribution chart shows variations against your original plan by end date and cost.

Risk Analysis can be used on individual projects or programmes to effectively identify those tasks that are most likely to cause delay or cost overruns. It does this by simulating your plan and evaluating the probability of finishing on time and on budget by applying the uncertainty added to your task durations. The result is a series of reliable possible outcomes that remove the guesswork for an informed understanding of the risks faced.

See the potential effect on duration of each task, ranked in order to show those with the greatest impact

The system presents the analysis in a number of clear and graphical reports that highlight your top risks so you can see which ones require your immediate attention. Sensitivity graphs illustrate those tasks that have increased by time and cost, while the distribution graphs make it possible to review the variations in finish dates, cost, income and margins.

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