Project Comparison

Identify Project Changes and Understand the Cause of Effects to Your Plans

Compare project plans in forensic detail and indentify where they differ, what the variations are and why they occurred.

Trying to track the cause of effects in project plans, especially when dealing with large complex plans with thousands of tasks where just one change might have had a major impact can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With Project Comparison, you can save dozens of man-hours as the system performs project comparison and analysis with ease.

With Project Comparison you can:

  • Easily compare two project plans in forensic detail
  • Identify the cause of effects in your project plans
  • Provide accurate and detailed analysis for contractual disputes
  • Establish where you are against the original plan
  • Compare adapted projects against the baseline to see why variances are occurring
  • Understand where and why changes happen

Project Comparison is of particular benefit in matters of delay and disruption that have resulted in a contractual dispute. Being able to analyse projects in such forensic detail and present the evidence in clear readable reports, instils confidence when presenting your case.

Projects are by their very nature subject to change, and even relatively simple project plans can quickly become complicated as you adapt and manage the project plan to meet the changing circumstances. Having the tools to easily and quickly assess where you are against your original plan makes light work of any delay analysis.

The system will compare a large number of task changes as well as enabling you to set the scope for analysis, choosing to compare part or all of the plans. The results are then presented in a series of high quality reports including detailed information on the differences between the two plans. Reports can be printed or viewed via HTM/HTML, or exported to TXT and XML for custom reporting.

Project Comparison integrates seamlessly with Asta Powerproject and will easily compare projects planned in Asta Powerproject, as well as Microsoft Project and Primavera.

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