Licensing Options

Flexible licencing and deployment options for cost effective access

Asta Powerproject is available with flexible licencing options for single, concurrent and multi-user applications. From the end-user perspective, the core project management functionality is exactly the same, regardless of edition. The main differences are whether software licences can be shared with other team members and whether the project database is stored centrally, with multi-user access.

“Asta Powerproject is a progressive tool and the company equally progressive and extremely approachable. The agreement model for licencing is also flexible to meet individual company needs.”
Richard Hamilton-Price, Group Systems Manager, Galliford Try
License Type Ideal For
Standalone Puts the power of Asta Powerproject at the fingertips of individual planners. Named user licence for laptop or PC. Single users
Concurrent Concurrent network licencing is a cost-effective way of letting more users have access to the software whilst only buying a small number of licences. For example, you could have 10 people with the software installed on their PC or laptop but only a 2-user concurrent licence installed on the central server. This would allow two people to use the software at any one time which is ideal where more occasional use is the norm. Office environment
Multi-user Provides multi-user access to projects, sharing of project resources, integration with other business critical systems and visibility of all projects.

  • All projects are stored on a central server
  • More than one person can work on the same project at the same time
  • Locks data at task level
Project teams or organisation-wide

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