Your IT security and IT operations teams have many shared goals in their drive to implement and enforce compliance with regulatory and corporate policies. They attempt to eliminate security threats to your organization, including: ensuring consistent desktop configurations, automating the deployment of patches, software metering, locking-down desktops, and securing removable media – just to name a few.

But do you have an IT solution that can unlock the efficiencies found through automation and from the sharing of tools and data?

Numara® FootPrints® Security & Compliance software will help you unify and streamline your approach to IT security and operations. It will deliver the integrated tools and automation you need to implement and enforce compliance and to combat the range of threats facing your organization’s IT and data – from both external and internal forces.

The freedom to simply…protect your network and data

Foot Prints Core Services

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Security threats come in many different forms, including those that arise from human error as well as those from malicious intent. But whatever the nature of the threat, the effects can be a disaster for your business and for the reputation of your IT department.
FootPrints Security & Compliance lets you take a proactive approach to safeguard your network and data – from setting policies to protect your organization to threats and breaches in compliance and through to their effective enforcement.

It gives you access to a powerful set of integrated tools to support all your security and compliance needs including inventory management, patch management, remote desktop management, device management, compliance management and vulnerability management.

Track your IT assets & establish your compliance

FootPrints Security & Compliance automates the entire auditing process for your fixed and mobile IT assets wherever they’re located and whether they’re Windows®, MacOS® or Linux®/VMWare® devices.

With a complete view of your IT assets, down to their detailed hardware and software configurations, FootPrints Security & Compliance can quickly assess your compliance levels with essential reports and templates for ISO 27001, ISO 27002, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Microsoft hardening guides. You can also easily define your own policies based on the needs of your business, your vendors’ licensing agreements and other regulatory standards.

With FootPrints Security & Compliance comprehensive reports and dashboards, you’ll be able to track your IT assets and monitor your compliance every step of the way.

Seek and eliminate security threats

FootPrints Security & Compliance addresses the widest range of security issues that can leave your network, computers and data vulnerable to attack.

It will help you prevent the common application and OS security holes by automating the deployment of the latest patch-updates. It will actively hunt for network vulnerabilities such as abnormal usage, brute-force attacks and buffer overflow using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) as its trusted sources. Any remedial action you need to take can be carried out with secure remote management of the target machine.

FootPrints Security & Compliance also takes care of your data leakage. You can define and enforce security policies for your removable devices to help you safeguard your organization against the damaging consequence of data theft or loss.

The Numara FootPrints family of solutions

FootPrints Security & Compliance is part of the FootPrints family of products and solutions for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground up as a modular yet integrated system, FootPrints products can be purchased separately or as a part of our broader FootPrints solutions including Service Management, Service Desk, Lifecycle Management and Desktop Management.

To offer you the utmost flexibility, FootPrints products are available with perpetual user licenses or as Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted-solutions.

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