SpacEyes 3D Builder

Become the builder and the animator of the landscape

SpacEyes3D Builderallows you to visualize in 3D all your cartographic data. Perfectly complementary to your GIS tool, SpacEyes3D Builder is an attractive software opened to all.

Create your 3D models from your data

Visualize and analyse your territory

Learn your territory and combine information with the many tools of visualization, comparison and analysis.

Present your projects in 3D

True tool for decision making and for concertation, SpacEyes3D Builder is a privileged support for presentation and communication about any problems touching management of a territory:

  • Visualization of ongoing developments,
  • Impact study,
  • Land planing and urbanism,
  • Understanding of natural phenomena,
  • Real estate and architecture,
  • Tourism.

Visualize and analyze your territory

Learn your territory and combine information with the many tools of visualization, comparison and analysis. Overlap raster and vector.

Represent buildings and the vegetation from a simple file of extruded polygons with generic textures.

Fast Learning Curve

With its ergonomy and its usability, SpacEyes3D Builder is quickly operational:

  • No specific 3D knowledge required,
  • Clear and easy to use interface,
  • Fast learning.

Use your existing geomatic data

Immediately integrate in the three-dimensional model all your territorial data in their native formats.

All standard formats are supported
by SpacEyes3D Builder:

  • DTM : ASC, XYZ, GeoTiff, Bil, …
  • Ortho-images : GeoTiff, JPEG2000, ECW, MrSid…,
  • SIG Vectors : Shape, MapInfo, DXF…,
  • Spatial Databases : MySQL, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS,…
  • Remote imagery : SpacEyes 3D SErver, OGC/WCS, ECWP.

A software open and autonomous

SpacEyes3D Builder is an independent software, compatible with all GIS, and easy to integrate in an existing software environment:

  • Freedom of creation,
  • Facility of use,
  • Simplified update.

Simulate your settlement projects

Import into the 3D view complex 3D objects, preview your projects of installation in a realistic environment…

An intuitive management

With the management of layers, find in 3D all the functionalities of visualization of a 2D GIS:

  • Immediate addition of new layers raster/vector…
  • Transparency, Swipe feature, thresholding,
  • Choice of the display style for vector layers,
  • Interactive consultation of the attributes,
  • Hierarchical folders and layers structure.

Advanced GIS features

Find in 3D many advanced GIS features:

  • Advanced dynamic 3D representation of data (overlay, extrusion, labels, symbols, hyperlinks…)
  • Thematic classification
  • Interactive consultation of the database attributes
  • Filter and search functions
  • SQL requests
  • GIS edition

Complete freedom of creation

Create your 3D models without constraints:

  • Autonomous creation of the base,
  • Immediate integration of new DEM and ortho-images,
  • Data preparation tools provided (DEM creation, assembly, reprojection, fusion, correction and optimization…).

Communicate in 3D

Create interactive presentations integrating your own information directly in the 3D model: vectorial texts, images, layouts…

The 3D model in a flash

Find in a dynamic universe the usual features of a traditional tool of office automation to immediately add objects in the scene 3d:

  • Instant 3D modeling   directly in the 3D view,
  • Text tool, image or icon, arrow, overlay, 3D markers,
  • Import complex 3D models: 3DS, DXF, LWO, KML/KMZ, Collada…

Diffuse your creations

Diffuse your presentations as movies or photos:

  • HD video files AVI or WMV,
  • High resolution persepective views,
  • 360° panoramas.

Distribute your data packed or create interactive terminals with the free SpacEyes3D Viewer.

Fluidity and quality

The real time display preserves original data quality and supports large volumes:

  • Streaming technology (terrain, images, vector, 3D models),
  • Support of objects with levels of details (LOD),
  • High-resolution images display.

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