SpacEyes 3D Plugin & SDK

Integrate SpacEyes3D technology in your applications

Develop customized 3D visualization interfaces, integrate 3D real time display in your GIS applications, perform a 3D Web cartographic portal… SpacEyes3D SDK allows to use all the SpacEyes3D technology to perform innovative 3D solutions!

3D Web Portal: Basic API allows to integrate SpacEyes3D Plugin in a web application by customizing the interface with a specific graphic chart

Touch screen 3D interactive terminal: Basic API allows to develop an interface completely customized with an ergonomics adapted to the touch screen technology.

Wiki 3D: Pro API allows to develop advanced 3D web applications integrating tools of selection, creation and edition. The functions of synchronisation allows to coordinate the data in real time with a centralized server of spatial data.

Spaceyes 3D Plugin & SDK in Details

SpacEyes3D Software Development Kit (SpacEyes3D SDK) allows to develop third party applications based on the component SpacEyes3D Plugin.

SpacEyes3D Plugin

SpacEyes3D Plugin is a component based on SpacEyes3D Viewer technology, and is made to include SpacEyes3D technology in a desktop application or in a Web application.

SpacEyes3D Plugin is made to open and to visualize 3D projects made with SpacEyes3D Builder under SpacEyes3D SDKlicense.

SpacEyes3D Plugin can be integrated in two forms:

  • An ActiveX component that can be embedded in any Windows application supporting this technology independently of the programming language (for example C#, C++, Visual Basic, Python).
  • Plug-in dedicated to Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome) that allows the integration in a Web application (JavaScript).

Spaceyes3D Plugin includes an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows to develop customized applications based on SpacEyes3D technology.

Basic API and Pro API

SpacEyes3D Plugin offers two levels of API according the chosen license: Basic API and Pro API.


Basic API allows to develop customized applications of 3D vizualisation thanks to simple functions to control SpacEyes3D projects: layer management, access to thematic views, scene management, selection of 3D objects…

Pro API allows to develop advanced 3D applications thanks advanced functionalities to control SpacEyes3D projects:  acquisition and drawing of 3D markers, extraction of GIS data, synchronisation with spatial database servers, SQL requests…

Function Group



Project creation
3D base creation from DTM and image
Project opening
Open SPV project created with SpacEyes3D SDK
Scene management
General scene management features (navigation mode, keyboard/mouse management, 2D/3D coordinates conversion, etc.)
Display Options
General display settings (stereo mode, relief exaggeration, etc.)
User Interface Management
Management of the embedded panels and dialogs (navigation panel, themes panel, dialogs, etc.), interface customization
Camera control
Observer position control (position and angle of the camera, zoom, etc.)
Thematic views management
Access to the project thematic views (allows to rebuild a custom interface)
Layers management
Access to the project layers: name, legend, visibility, transparency (allows to rebuild a custom interface), general layer management: group creation, layer destruction
Marker layers management
Open SPV project created with SpacEyes3D SDK
Marker drawing
Addition of 2D or 3D markers in the 3D scene
Marker edition
Acquisition of geometries edited by the user in the 3D model
Object selection
Acquisition of objects identifiers from a selection made by the user in the 3D scene (including GIS objects)
 *  *
GIS object extraction
Extraction of GIS objects geometry and attributes from the 3D model
GIS layer filters and SQL command
Real-time change of the 3D model GIS data source
GIS layer synchronisation
Real-time synchronisation of the 3D model from the GIS data source
Utility functions
Various utility features (projection change, geometry handling, JSON object handling, etc.)

(*) Functions that can be enabled or disabled from SpacEyes3D Builder

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