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A complete line of software products

The real time fly through and 3D model making software

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SpacEyes3D Builderis a complete solution for real time fly through and 3D model making.Essential complement of your GIS software, SpacEyes3D Builder allows you to visualize in 3D all yourcartographic data, and to create innovative 3D presentations.

The module of web diffusion of SpacEyes3D models

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SpacEyes3D Serverleans on an innovative streaming technology for a general public diffusion on the web of 3D models on an entire territory.SpacEyes3D Server allows to broadcast on the web 3D models created with SpacEyes 3D Builder.

The free consultation and diffusion tool

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SpacEyes3D Viewer is an independent software which allows to fly through and to consult in real time 3D models created with SpacEyes3D Builder.The 3D models can be accessed locally or remotely from a server SpacEyes3D Server.

The SpacEyes3D technology integrable in your applications

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SpacEyes3D Plugin is a component made to include SpacEyes3D technology in a desktop application or in a Web application.

Builder, Server, Viewer, ActiveX, and Plug-in Web products are used to create 3D models from GIS Data and designed to meet all needs which can be easily and quickly broadcast using the Internet.

3D web Cartographic portal

Interactive Terminal

Customized 3D Model

Simplicity User interfaces are ergonomic for a quick getting hand.Compatibility a guaranteed compatibility with the main formats of GIS, CAD and 3D software of the market.PerformanceAn advanced 3D motor associated to an efficient streaming technology.

Competitive prices An attractive price list, adapted to meet your application and budget

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