When your users were located in the same office, hands-on troubleshooting was a lot easier. A short walk and you’d be at their machines ready to work your magic. Now, with a distributed organization across floors or in different buildings, you’ve probably grown beyond that stage.

Any amount of travel, however small, means you’re wasting your valuable time and your resolution rate increases. Your support costs go up and your users’ productivity and satisfaction levels inevitably go down. It doesn’t have to be that way.

BMC Track-It!® Remote desktop management software extends your reach to include desktop support for your users wherever they are physically located on your LAN – all from the comfort of your own desk.

Freedom to simply…manage desktops, anytime, anywhere

With Track-It! Remote, your support team can view and control your users’ computers from a remote location to assist them with troubleshooting. They’ll be able to detect, diagnose and resolve PC issues quickly, with the minimum amount of disruption or loss of productivity.

The depth of control that Track-It! Remote will give you is certainly impressive: you can reboot, execute programs, chat, transfer files, wake-up, shutdown and access the file system, registry, and services. Track-It! Remote also maintains an audit trail of all remote sessions, including user acknowledgements – useful for security reasons and for any follow-up issues.

You’ll immediately see the benefits of Track-It! Remote with a dramatic increase in first-call resolution rates and higher customer satisfaction ratings. Track-It! Remote also integrates seamlessly with BMC Track-It! HelpDesk to provide your Help Desk technicians with the ultimate in remote desktop control and trouble-shooting tools.

The BMC Track-It! family of applications

Track-It! Remote is part of the Track-It! family of integrated applications for IT Management that include help desk software, inventory management software, change management software and barcoding software.

BMC Track-It! has been installed at over 50,000 customer sites and is being used to manage over 16 million IT assets world-wide.

Try Track-It! Remote

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