Reacting to end-user PC issues is the obvious #1 task at hand for all help desk staff.  But what about other types of help desk owned projects that require a little more planning? Bringing on a new user, migrating to a new operating system or maybe just switching out machines for end users – all of these tasks require a more proactive approach. Finding a way to automate desktop configuration and easily move a user’s desktop, including user data and customized settings, is often neglected despite being one of the biggest challenges facing the help desk today.

Resource Conservation

It’s all about saving you time.  Maybe you’ve automated the Windows® operating system migration/upgrade process – maybe not. Maybe you’ve got a system in place that eases the burden of a massive PC refresh cycle – maybe you don’t. Regardless of your approach, there is a significant burden in assisting every end-user with re-personalizing their desktop after an OS migration or PC change. Keeping productivity levels high is difficult during any PC change, but with Track-It! PC Migrate you can reduce the time and effort needed to keep end-user profiles, data, and custom settings intact. Ramp up time for new operating systems is made easy since your end-user will instantly have access to everything that was familiar to them on their old desktop.  Settings such as wallpaper, location of the taskbar, email signatures, rules and data files/structures – even their favorites and bookmarks – are preserved, and it is all made possible with Track-It! PC Migrate.

Freedom to Simply…Make Ad-Hoc PC Changes

No more unnecessary cycles on routine tasks – let Track-It! PC Migrate dramatically reduce the cost and labor of any ad-hoc PC upgrade/change. Now, instead of manually updating a machine or forcing the end-user to recreate all of their customized desktop settings following a machine swap, you can automate the user state migration process all from a centralized location.

Accomplish user personality migration for a standalone machine or for many machines simultaneously. For smaller jobs, simply install Track-It! PC Migrate on a USB hard drive or flash drive and store the extracted data on the removable device for future injection.  For larger multi-device projects, or projects that require more storage space, a centralized, shared server will house the application itself, as well as any user state data in transition to another PC. Track-It! PC Migrate not only moves data files, but eliminates the need to configure customized settings on the new platform. So now, with Track-It! PC Migrate, you can ensure that your users will quickly benefit from any PC change, and be up-and-running on their new machine with minimal help desk support.

The BMC Track-It! solutions family

Track-It! PC Migrate is one part of a fully integrated family of Track-It! solutions. Each Track-It! product or capability automates and streamlines a specific IT challenge to help you reduce costs and improve service levels. Built from the ground up as a modular, yet integrated system, the Track-It! family of products provides a single, unified solution to simplify a diverse set of complex IT management needs.

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