If you’re still manually tracking your IT assets then you already know the two biggest drawbacks of a hands-on approach: it takes up a lot of your time that could be better spent elsewhere and your audit will probably be out of date within a few days. It’s an endless, error-prone cycle.

BMC Track-It!® Inventory management software can break this cycle and give you back your time by automating and simplifying your entire audit and inventory management process. With up-to-date and accurate audit data at your fingertips, your help desk will be more efficient and you’ll be making better planning and purchasing decisions.

Freedom to simply…eliminate manual tracking of IT Assets

From your desktop, Track-It! Inventory can schedule frequent audits of your Windows® or MacOS® Workstations, servers and laptops – wherever they’re located. It will provide you with an incredibly detailed view of your IT assets including their current hardware and software configurations.

If you need a summary of your asset data in real-time, no problem.  Track-It! Inventory has an innovative “audit now” feature that will bring your data completely up-to-date with the click of a mouse.

Imagine how useful this data will be to your help desk staff in their drive to improve resolution times and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Track-It! Inventory combined with Track-It! Helpdesk can take your help desk to the next level of IT Management.

Stay compliant and save money

Track-It! Inventory will become an essential weapon in your fight to crack down on unauthorized software. It will identify and alert you to any unapproved or unlicensed software that is running on your users’ machines so you can take appropriate action. It will also provide you with the data you need to easily reclaim unused licenses and to stay legal by complying with your vendor licensing agreements.

The BMC Track-It! Family of Applications

Track-It! Inventory and Asset Management is part of the core Track-It! product for IT Management that includes Help Desk Management, Incident & Problem Management, Purchase Management, Training and Library Management, Knowledge Management, Self-Service, Password Reset, Change Management, Facilities Management, Software License Management, Mobile Help Desk access, Dashboards and Reporting.

BMC Track-It! has been installed at over 50,000 customer sites and is being used to manage over 16 million IT assets worldwide.

As you grow, Track-It! grows with you

As your IT support needs grow, you can be confident that Track-It! will grow with you. With a whole family of integrated applications for IT Management to choose from, Track-It! can be extended to include remote desktop management, barcode inventory, knowledgebase subscriptions and user profile migration.

Try Track-It! Inventory

We think Track-It! offers a price to functionality combination that is hard to beat but don’t take our word for it! Experience Track-It! first-hand and see how it will meet your specific needs.  Download your 30-day fully functional evaluation copy of Track-It! today.

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