All change requests, even the small ones, can be more complex than you initially think. And complexity brings human-error and uncertainty that can wreak havoc on your business and on the reputation of your IT department. It is estimated that 60-80% of IT failures are caused by poor change management and are therefore avoidable.

BMC Track-It!® Change management module minimizes human-error and removes the uncertainty surrounding change. It provides you with a convenient and centralized repository to automatically track and manage all change requests throughout their lifecycle. It even maintains an audit trail on every change you make.

Freedom to simply…implement change control

Track-It! Change will help you take control of your change management process and avoid the unplanned service interruptions that lead to poor customer satisfaction and revenue loss. From accurate cost-assessment, insightful impact and risk analysis through to approval automation and deployment, Track-It! Change will help you every step of the way.

Change management your way – without coding

Out-of-the-box, Track-It! Change delivers best-practice change management. But not all businesses are alike. With Track-It! Change you’ll be able to configure the change management processes based on the unique needs of your business using its administration tools – no programming or technical expertise is required. Even voting and approval processes, often major obstacles to delivering change on time, are automated based on configurable rules that you create.

The BMC Track-It! family of applications

Track-It! Change Management is part of the core Track-It! product for IT Management that includes Help Desk Management, Inventory and Asset Management, Incident & Problem Management, Purchase Management, Training and Library Management, Knowledge Management, Self-Service, Password Reset, Change Management, Facilities Management, Software License Management, Mobile Help Desk Access, Dashboards and Reporting.

BMC Track-It! has been installed at over 50,000 customer sites and is being used to manage over 16 million IT assets world-wide.

As you grow, Track-It! grows with you

As your IT support needs grow, you can be confident that Track-It! will grow with you. With a whole family of integrated applications for IT Management to choose from, Track-It! can be extended to include remote desktop management, barcode inventory, knowledgebase subscriptions and user profile migration.

Try Track-It! Change

We think Track-It! offers a price to functionality combination that is hard to beat, but don’t take our word for it! Experience Track-It! first-hand and see how it will meet your specific needs.  Download your 30-day fully functional evaluation copy of Track-It! today.

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