You know that it’s a daily challenge keeping your IT running smoothly and your users happy. Everything has to be done yesterday, every issue is a priority, and “I haven’t changed anything” is never as close to the truth as you’d like it to be.

With a distributed workforce now a reality, the new-found mobility of your employees has made supporting them that much more difficult. It’s not practical or cost-effective for you to travel to far-flung locations to troubleshoot a PC. And home visits are not an option. So you have to try to provide support over the phone while relying on your users for problem feedback and PC status. Not the ideal environment for speedy problem resolution.

Alternatively you could use FootPrints® Remote Manager, Numara Software’s enterprise-classremote desktop management software. With  FootPrints Remote Manager your reach is extended to include desktop support for telecommuters, remote office workers and employees that are on the move – all from the convenience of your own desk.

Remote desktop management the way it should be

FootPrints Remote Manager gives you direct access to core controls on remote desktops to make troubleshooting and fixing IT and computing issues a breeze. Now you can access and initiate Wake-up, Check Connectivity, Reboot, Shutdown, Configuration Summary, Transfer File, Remote Control, File System, Registry, Services, Process Management, view Windows Events and much more.

With its powerful ‘self-healing’ feature, FootPrints Remote Manager can also check the integrity of applications on a remote machine and automatically correct them even if their core files have been compromised.

For the ultimate in out-of-hours flexibility, FootPrints Remote Manager’s integration with Intel® vPro means you can access a target computer even if the user has finished work for the day and shut their system down.

Freedom to Simply… deliver remote desktop management that’s secure

FootPrints Remote Manager has security built-in as a priority. All communication between FootPrints Remote Manager and the desktop is encrypted, so you can be sure that no one is eavesdropping on your remote sessions. The software also enforces authenticated sessions and user confirmations prior to remote connections so that desktop security is never compromised.
FootPrints Remote Manager also maintains a central audit file of all remote-control sessions and end-user acknowledgements – useful data for audit trails for security purposes and for documenting support issues.

The Numara FootPrints family of Solutions and Products

FootPrints Remote Manager is part of our family of FootPrints products  and FootPrints Solutions  for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground-up as a modular yet integrated system,  FootPrints products can be purchased separately or as part of our broader  FootPrints Solutions including Service Management , Service Desk , Lifecycle Management Desktop Management and Security & Compliance .

To offer you the utmost flexibility, FootPrints products are available with perpetual user licenses or as Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted-solutions.

Try FootPrints Remote Manager

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