If you were told that you could save 90% of your current power usage without impacting the way you do business, you would probably want to find out how. The answer is simple: PC power management software that will improve your organization’s energy efficiency.

Research shows that you can realize big savings by cutting the electricity used by your computing devices by 50%. In some cases that’s $75 per PC in savings every year. Even with as few as 100 PCs, that adds up to substantial cost reduction.

But energy efficiency is not just about financial savings. Better power management will also support your Green IT Initiatives and help you comply with external regulations like SOX, PCI, DSS and HIPAA.

Energy efficiency through control

Computer vendors have become more sensitive about power consumption and they all provide some power management features. But Numara FootPrints Power Manager is not just about hibernating idle PCs.

Imagine being able to define flexible IT energy policies depending on the needs of your employees or their departments and across different time zones – energy policies that youdefine, monitor and control from a central location.

With FootPrints Power Manager you can create dynamic groups, each with their own unique power profiles, giving you incredible levels of control over power usage down to component level on Windows®, MacOS® and Linux machines.

Exploiting work patterns for energy reduction

FootPrints Power Manager lets you take advantage of your users work patterns with its innovative Wake-on-LAN and Ready-For-Work technologies where specific groups of computers can be automatically booted for out-of-hours remote maintenance and they can even be booted in the morning so they are ready to use when your employees arrive at their desks!

Freedom to Simply… go beyond power management

To help you secure your data, FootPrints Power Manager also lets you define and enforce a lockdown policy for idle machines. After a defined period of inactivity, any computer under this policy will be forced to require a reactivation password.

The Numara® FootPrints solutions family

FootPrints Power Manager is part of our family of FootPrints products and FootPrints Solutions for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground-up as a modular yet integrated system, FootPrints products can be purchased separately or as part of our broader FootPrints Solutions including FootPrints Service Management,  FootPrints Service Desk, FootPrints Lifecycle Management, FootPrints Desktop Management and FootPrints Security & Compliance.

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