Security threats to your applications and Operating Systems (OS) are never going to go away. That’s a fact. Whether it’s the latest “hot-shot” hacker with something to prove or somebody with more sinister motives, ensuring your computers are properly patched and up-to-date is crucial to your business.

Freedom to Simply… Reduce your security risks

BMC Footprints® Patch Manager – powered by Shavlik – is enterprise-strength, centralizedpatch management software that is simple enough to manage 10 desktops yet robust enough to manage 10,000.

Unlike other patch management software such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), FootPrints Patch Manager will patch your non-Microsoft Applications – that are increasingly under attack – such as Adobe® Reader, Apple® iTunes, Apple Quicktime and Mozilla® Firefox®.

Patch Management – the easy way

Gone are the days when you had to visit your users’ PCs to distribute patches manually.  FootPrints Patch Manager will automatically distribute patches from your desktop with minimal disruptions to your users and to your business. As well as patching machines on your local network, FootPrints Patch Manager will also deploy patches to any devices you have across the internet without the need for a VPN.

It can even deploy patches outside of your normal business hours – it simply wakes up your target PCs, deploys the patches and then shuts the machines down after the updates are completed. Simple.

FootPrints Patch Manager intelligence

Don’t waste your valuable time on the mundane tasks – let FootPrints Patch Manager take the strain with its extensive patch management automation.

Once installed, FootPrints Patch Manager will download the latest security updates from your application and OS vendors’ websites and scan your network to create a list of vulnerable computers. It even ranks your security risks by severity so you choose whether to automatically patch all risks or just the most critical.

No longer will you need to juggle multiple patches from multiple vendors. FootPrints Patch Manager will scan your managed devices on a scheduled basis and perform gap-analysis to determine which devices require the latest patches.

And if that isn’t enough, FootPrints Patch Manager allows you to target your patch management with pinpoint accuracy; with its innovative dynamic grouping, you can define groups of devices in many ways, for example: by application; by department; by IP address; and by server/workstation clusters.

The BMC Footprints® family of solutions and products

FootPrints Patch Manager is part of the FootPrints family of products and solutions for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground up as a modular yet integrated system, FootPrints products can be purchased separately or as a part of our broader FootPrints solutions including: Service Management, Service Desk, Lifecycle ManagementDesktop Management and Security & Compliance Management.

To offer you the utmost flexibility, FootPrints products are available with perpetual user licenses or as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) hosted-solutions.

Try FootPrints Patch Manager

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