Organizations looking to do a PC refresh or Windows OS migration “project” need to find an automated and repeatable process to migrate thousands of PCs, including user data and settings, with the same ease and simplicity as if they were migrating a single user’s system.

Move to Microsoft Windows® 7

A lot of organizations delayed their Microsoft® product upgrades and many more skipped Vista waiting for the latest and greatest operating systemEditing Rules in user profile migration management. Microsoft had to offer.  Now most have found it in Windows 7. Moving to Windows 7 as part of an OS upgrade or even part of an overall PC refresh initiative allows organizations to take advantage of the advancements made in Windows 7, such as improved software, hardware compatibility and reduced system resource requirements.

But how do they also move their users’ desktops? How can they reduce the impact of the OS migration on the user community?  With FootPrints® Migration Manager, you can automatically move user personalities—including application settings, wallpaper, drive mappings, bookmarks and favorites. This step in the migration is important to an end user and will become increasingly important to IT support when they are hit with the “I can’t find my <fill in the blank>” post-migration support call.

PC Change Initiatives with the User in Mind…

Ad-hoc PC upgrade/migration challenges are a thing of the past.  Now, with FootPrints Migration Manager, you can automatically preserve and migrate user profiles from one machine to the next.  Gone are the days when you had to visit each user’s machine in order to help recreate drive mappings and help them find their files.  Now IT administrators can easily extract a user’s personality, which includes drive mappings, files, application settings and email signatures and inject them onto the new machine with zero impact to the end user.

FootPrints Migration Manager

Don’t spend unnecessary cycles on routine tasks – let FootPrints Migration Manager dramatically reduce the cost and labor of any PC refresh or Windows OS migration project. Instead of individually updating each machine, now you can automate the migration process for hundreds or even thousands of machines from a centralized location.

Once FootPrints Migration Manager is installed on a central location, you can use the provided user interface, to migrate a single system or automate the migration for thousands of machines.  FootPrints Migration Manager not only moves data files, but eliminates the need to configure customized settings on the new platform. So now, with FootPrints Migration Manager, you can ensure that your users can quickly benefit from any operating system upgrade or new PC without contacting the service desk.

The BMC Footprints® family of solutions and products

FootPrints Migration Manager is part of our family of FootPrints Products and FootPrints Solutions for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground-up as a modular yet integrated system, FootPrints  products can be purchased separately or as part of our broader FootPrints Solutions including Service Management, Service Desk, Lifecycle Management,Desktop Management and Security & Compliance.

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