Like most organizations, yours probably runs a mixed bag of operating systems including Microsoft® OS, Mac® OS and Linux®. Add to this a diverse range of business applications and the concept of a “standard” workstation configuration appears comical. Even less amusing is when you’re manually keeping those machines up-to-date with the latest versions of OS and software. And hours of labor, inefficiencies and potential errors put a drain on your time and your sanity!

Centralizing and automating the process of software distribution with deployment management software reduces the time it takes to deploy OS/applications by up to 50 percent. It can also help you identify unused software licenses so you can redistribute them to recover IT budget otherwise spent on enterprise renewals.

Install applications anytime, anywhere

BMC Footprints® Deployment Manager, unlike limited deployment options such as Windows Server® Update Services (WSUS), will distribute OS and application updates and upgrades to Microsoft OS, Mac OS and Linux machines across a distributed environment. And you don’t even need a VPN.

FootPrints Deployment Manager allows you to centralize and automate the entire OS deployment process in the background to minimize disruptions. It provides bandwidth-throttling to reduce network loading and checkpoint restarts to cope with remote-network disconnections. It even has the ability to “wake” offline computers. For your users that means they won’t be disturbed during updates and their productivity won’t be affected. For you that means no more visiting individual machines after hours. You can just sit back and track the entire deployment process with real-time reporting and receive immediate alerts if any issues arise.

Freedom to simplify large-scale deployments for Windows 7

For large scale deployments such as upgrades to Windows® 7 OS, FootPrints Deployment Manager really comes into its own. You can create dynamic groups with intelligent automation based on specific criteria such as business unit, department, location, user, type of system and readiness of target machine. For risk reduction, FootPrints Deployment Manager supports hardware compatibility checks prior to deployment and, should the worst occur, it supports package “rollback” to return target machines to their previously stable state.

The BMC Footprints® family of solutions and products

FootPrints Deployment Manager is part of the FootPrints family of products and solutions for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground up as a modular yet integrated system, FootPrints products can be purchased separately or as a part of our broader FootPrints solutions including Service Management, Service Desk, Lifecycle ManagementDesktop Management and Security & Compliance Management.

To offer you the utmost flexibility, FootPrints products are available with perpetual user licenses or as Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted-solutions

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