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If you’re tracking what IT assets you have within your organization and where they’re located, you already realize how powerful this information is. From the smooth operation of your existing IT services to the planning of your future ones, visibility into your IT assets, their location and relationships gives you incredible insight.

IT configuration management software is the next logical step on your path from maintaining an asset registry to achieving complete control and understanding of your IT assets. With it, you will gain visibility of all your Configuration Items (CIs) within a common Configuration Management Database (CMDB) including their attributes and their relationships. Understanding CI relationships and how an outage or change to one CI can impact others, opens up a whole world of IT management possibilities.

With BMC Footprints® Configuration Manager, these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

Freedom to Simply… consolidate your IT asset information

You probably already have disparate data collected from various auditing tools such as bar-code databases, asset repositories, operational databases, CSV files and SQL databases. FootPrints Configuration Manager simplifies your migration to a CMDB by automatically merging and verifying all your asset data. With FootPrints Configuration Manager you’ll be able to analyze and navigate CI relationships with ease to ensure maximum availability of your systems, applications and services. And with all of this information captured and tracked with incredible detail, you and your IT team will be able to make more informed and better service delivery and change management decisions.

One powerful, seamless ITSM solution

FootPrints Configuration Manager forms the core of a total IT Service Management (ITSM) solution by integrating effortlessly with other key ITSM processes. Tight integration between FootPrints Configuration Manager and FootPrints Incident & Problem Manager. FootPrints Service Catalog and FootPrints Change Manager means you can realize a powerful, seamless ITSM solution – a solution with a common asset repository accessed by agents across your organization working on incident, problem and change management. Fragmented IT processes and asset data will be a thing of the past.

The BMC Footprints® family of solutions

FootPrints Configuration Manager is part of the FootPrints family of products and solutions for IT Lifecycle and IT Service Management. Built from the ground up as a modular yet integrated system, FootPrints products can be purchased separately or as a part of our broader FootPrints solutions including: Service Management, Service Desk, PC Lifecycle ManagementDesktop Management and Security & Compliance Management.

To offer you the utmost flexibility, FootPrints products are available with perpetual user licenses or as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) hosted-solutions.

Try FootPrints Configuration Manager

Experience FootPrints Configuration Manager first-hand and see how it will meet your specific needs.  Request your 30-day fully-functional evaluation today.

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