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Aligning IT with the needs of your business has never been easy. You know that it’s a tough job. But simple alignment is no longer enough: IT has to add value to your business whether supporting top-line growth or bottom-line cost reductions. Your job just got that much harder.

Fortunately there is no shortage of IT management tools to help you.  But dissimilar products bring their own headaches. How do you create a seamless user experience? How do you maximize your IT efficiency by sharing data, applications and processes between different tools from different vendors?

One vendor. One IT management solution family.

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BMC Footprints® IT Management Software solves these problems without introducing any of its own. It is a single-vendor, single interface family of products and solutions on a common platform that will meet the IT management needs of medium to large organizations such as your own.

With FootPrints, you’ll have access to an incredibly powerful family of IT Management products and solutions that are easy install, use and change – without the need for expensive consultants or programmers.

IT management your way

FootPrints will give you the choice and flexibility that you never thought was possible from an IT management solution.

  • Unparalleled Choice.  With FootPrints you have complete freedom to choose just the IT management products you need or deploy a broader FootPrints solution for Lifecycle Management, Service Management, Service Desk, Desktop Management or Security & Compliance.  You can run FootPrints on a wide range of OS, browsers and databases.  You can select on-premise or cloud-based deployment and perpetual licensing or Software as a Service (SaaS). And because FootPrints is built on common code, you have the freedom to switch between cloud, hosted, perpetual and SaaS at any time!
  • Rapid time to production & ease of use.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can install and deploy any or all of the FootPrints capabilities thanks to its intuitive and powerful, wizard-driven user interfaces.
  • World-class support.  You need local support that is first class and we can deliver!  Our support is the envy of our competitors: class-leading renewal rates, high customer satisfaction and a formal feature-enhancement request process to capture your great ideas!

Application, process and automation – a logical convergence

FootPrints goes way beyond just data integration of its individual products with integration at the application and process levels plus process automation. With FootPrints you’ll have a completely seamless IT management experience that is best described as IT Management Convergence – the convergence of applications, processes and process automation.

  • Application Convergence.  FootPrints will give your 1st and 2nd-line support staff phenomenal problem/resolution capabilities through a ‘single pane of glass’ onto the functionality and data they need to improve their efficiency. With FootPrints they’ll be able to retrieve rich Configuration Item (CI) information, see history, ping devices, remote control them, patch them, request changes and much more.
  • Process Convergence: FootPrints will drive down your IT management costs caused by the inefficiencies of poor process convergence.  It will join up the processes that are critical to your IT efficiency and your customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Process Automation: FootPrints will automate the processes that can safely be removed from your day-to-day burden while giving you the flexibility to manually control others.

Let FootPrints give you the freedom to simply be IT

FootPrints will not only put you back in control but it will  give you the freedom to plan and execute the strategic IT initiatives you’ve always wanted to deliver.
Experience FootPrints first-hand and see how it will meet your specific IT management needs.  Request your 30-day fully functional evaluation today.

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