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Harrington Group’s Quality Management System will Enhance Your Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement Activities

HQMS is a Web Based quality management system for facilitating data entry, team participation and reporting of Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance activities throughout your organization.

The Harrington Group’s Quality Management System (HQMS) is a suite of integrated web-based quality management applications. These application modules address the increasing complexity of efficiently and effectively managing your quality and compliance processes. The HQMS application modules blend the information you need for reporting on quality records at the touch of a button. This comprehensive solution increases efficiency while reducing costs for helping to drive success within any size organization.


  • Speed to market – Speeds up tasks by making real-time data instantly available to team members when needed.
  • Improved design productivity – Provides engineers with the tools to access all related data efficiently thus dramatically shortening the design process.
  • Data integrity safeguarded – The centralized vault concept provides access to information. Unauthorized users will never access vital data without permission.
  • Better control of projects – Product structure, change management, configuration control and traceability help managers to ensure projects remain on schedule.
  • Real-time information – Instantly provides the most current quality information to the right people.
  • Better management of document related changes – Ensures that every version and revision must be electronically signed and dated, removing any ambiguity about current designs and providing a complete audit trail of changes.
  • HQMS will assist your company to comply to ISO, ANSI, Mil Specs, DoD Req., Six Sigma, Q9000, FDA and many more!
  • Also look for our ads or name in Quality Progress, Quality Digest, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Magazine, and ASQ (American Society for Quality).

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