Timesheet Intergrated with Outlook

Timesheet with MS Outlook

eTimeMachine is fully integrated with MS Outlook. It incorporates all eTimeMachine Employee Workspace functionalities within the MS Outlook native interface. Employees can now view all assigned tasks and relevant data including start & end dates, budgeted hours, notes, etc. received from MS Project, Oracle Primavera, Remedy, Magic, eTimeMachine & Workflows in Microsoft Outlook both as tasks and in a Calendar format.

This allows employees to conveniently report time, expenses, progress, issues, remaining duration and notes from their familiar Microsoft Outlook environment. Once data is run through eTimeMachine’s validation process it is date stamped, locked, stored and passed to all respective projects and systems.

The MS Outlook integration provides filtering options and the ability to populate eTimeMachine Timesheets with MS Outlook tasks including scheduled meetings. eTimeMachine has extended itself to include MS Outlook as a means to making its solution extremely user friendly, requiring minimal training for the end user.

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