Reporting and Data Mining

eTimeMachine’s elaborate reporting safeguards companies from being forced to make decisions based on inadequate information. By collecting data directly from the source, validating information via approvals and audit trail and storing and consolidating all project management and resource data into one central repository, eTimeMachine provides its customers with live enterprise-wide reporting based on accurate and reliable data.

eTimeMachine makes use of its data repository by presenting cost and performance metrics in multiple hierarchical views across and throughout the organization and enterprise project structure. Information can be presented by project, business unit, role, individual and work group for any definable period.

The system provides numerous standard reports and templates, a data mining tool eTimeMachine Pathfinder based on OLAP technology, and an Enterprise Dashboard that covers projects and resources’ information including performance metrics and drill down capabilities. All reports are available over the web with seamless exportability to Microsoft Excel.

Standard Reporting

eTimeMachine Enterprise’s standard reports are created using Crystal Reports®. Standard reports also provide trend reporting for more in depth analysis. Now you can view earned value trends for any definable period.

Data Mining

eTimeMachine Pathfinder – web based data mining tool – provides executives with a one line summation of the overall health of the organization with the option of drilling the information down to the activity/resource level for more in depth analysis. – all these over the web. The tool conveniently details cost and performance indicators in both tree and graphical formats with seamless exportability to Excel. Examples of reports, created with eTimeMachine Pathfinder, include those helping to determine

  • how much earned value did the company accomplish and at what cost,
  • if scheduled targets were met,
  • demand and productivity level by department and resources.

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