eTimeMachine Enterprise™ works hand-in-glove with Microsoft® Project & Oracle Primavera® to extend and blend project management systems into the enterprise. eTimeMachine Enterprise™ offers great assistance to companies operating within a multi project management platform environment (MS Project & Primavera). Resource, cost and project data are consolidated across both Project Management tools to provide management with a complete enterprise – wide view of the current health of the organization and it projects.

eTimeMachine Enterprise pulls assigned activities from MS Project, Primavera and Action Request/Service Desk Applications into its database; combines them with eTimeMachine’s activities and then delivers the activities to the assigned employee / workgroup / role via the eTimeMachine Workspace™ for work execution.

Centralized Data Repository:
Within their own personalized workspace, the employees report time, expense, progress, remaining hours, issues etc. against all their assigned activities. All data entered via the workspace is validated through eTimeMachine’s matrix based approval workflow, stored within the system’s centralized data repository and then sent to the respective project management, financial, HR and payroll systems and is also stored within eTimeMachine’s centralized data repository. By centralizing all project, resource and work activity data into one database, project and functional managers are provided with a complete view of resource utilization and availability for more effective resource management, capacity planning and project execution.

eTimeMachine’s transaction based back-end allows the system to collect, validate and store each employee’s entry of time and progress to provide immediate time-phased earned value, cost, time and budget data by any defined period and at every level of the organization and  enterprise project structure.

Key Features:
  • Create Projects, WBS and Activities with schedule and budgets
  • Display a Project in a Gantt Chart
  • Establish Activity Relationships
  • Calculate Project Schedule and Critical Path
  • Identify and Highlight Activities on the Critical Path
  • Integrate with lead project management and ERP systems
  • Assign Calendars to Project and Activities
  • Update Activity Status and Progress
  • Maintain and Display Project Baselines
  • Assign Resources to Activities
  • Assign Resources by Role
  • Estimate Effort on Resource Assignment Level

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