Timesheets Via eMail

eTimeMachine provides eTimeMachine users a way to view their assigned activities and report time and expenses via e-mail. For the users it means that they can view and modify their data, stored in the eTimeMachine system database, from their preferred e-mail client interface, such as Microsoft Outlook or any web client. Users can issue commands to the server to perform a specific action: retrieve information from the eTimeMachine database and send it to a user or modify information in the database and notify a user if the update was successful.

eTMail recognizes users’ instructions according to the subject of their e-mail. Users can use instruction keywords as a part of the e-mail subject to communicate their specific requests to the server. Users can request specific pieces of information in a preferred format for viewing or send updates to the system by means of e-mail. With eTMail, managers can also assign resources as well as review and approve resources’ timesheets.

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