Fully Configurable Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard

eTimeMachine’s Enterprise Dashboard is a single screen, browser based portrait of an organization, highlighting the health of key performance indicators. The dashboard presents consolidated project and resource data from eTimeMachine Enterprise™, Microsoft® Project, Primavera®, Action Request/Service Desk applications and ERP systems (Project Accounting, HR, Payroll).

In easy to read graphical and tabular charts the dashboard summarizes cost and performance metrics across and throughout all project portfolios, functional business units, skills sets & resources. Management can click onto each summarized metric and drill down for more detail. The dashboard also provides several degrees of alerts, highlighting when:

  • Projects and milestones are behind schedule
  • Cost exceeds planned budget
  • Earned value begins to descend
  • Resources are being over or under utilized
  • Unresolved issues

Company stakeholders are empowered with the foresight needed to better manage risks.  Fully configurable and with built-in security features, companies can choose and monitor those key performance indicators that best measure their company’s success.  Executives and management will benefit from a continuous flow of project actuals so that corporate objectives are monitored and maintained at each stage of project delivery.
eTimeMachine Dashboard allows to build tabular, graphical, and pivot table style reports for your organization. You will be able to choose from our report templates and customize the reports the way you want. You can view key performance indices for your program and projects in the dashboard. If you wish you can export your report to other format such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, etc.

eTimeMachine Dashboard Key Features:

  • Views and information access is configurable according to role and security settings
  • Tabular, graphical and pivot table style reports are availble
  • Custom fields such as CPI, SPI, Earned Values can be added
  • Custom filters
  • Export to other formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF
  • Works with any database

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