eTimeMachine Workflows


eTimeMachine workflows can be described as “template processes” comprised of a series of sequential steps/activities – allowing for elaborate logic – with resources, roles and work groups pre-assigned to each of them. eTimeMachine allows for the creation and storage of a library of “template” workflows.

Once the project activity is initiated the first step/activity within the workflow appears in the assigned resource’s employee workspace. The employee is prompted to enter time, expense and progress against the workflow’s activity/node, which is then sent back to the respective project schedule in MS Project® or Primavera®, ERP, HR and payroll system. The completion of an activity/node will result in the next activity/node to appear in the following employee(s) workspace.

A resource that receives an activity/node has the option of rejecting, accepting or making other routing decisions. eTimeMachine’s unique approach in executing workflows allows project and functional managers to track progress and cost at every step.

eTimeMachine Workflows allow to standardize best business practices throughout the enterprise. eTimeMachine workflows are supported by detailed audit trails and can be used to maintain internal control (Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance).

Companies can use workflow to:

  • Standardize best Business Practices
  • Introduce more flexible logic to project management (Workflows are bidirectional)
  • Reduce effort in project planning

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