Timesheets for Project Management

eTimeMachine timesheet combines work assignments from multiple enterprise systems, such as Project Management, Dispatching and Help Desk It serves as an employee portal to all activities and one point of data entry and update for all enterprise applications, including attendance and other non-project activities.
eTimeMachine populates into an Employee and Crew Workspace activities from Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Project, BMC Remedy, PragmaCad, Workflow, eTimeMachine. Time, progress and expenses, reported by employees or crews are reviewed by managers, and update originating system upon approval.

Why eTimeMachine Timesheets?

eTimeMachine funnels activities from multiple systems into one timesheet. Flexible timesheet approval process, configurable business rules, data validation, and reporting – guarantee auditability, improve work efficiency, and compliance across enterprise. Easy to use timesheet reporting, reviewing, exception reporting, …

Timesheets for HR, Payroll, ERP

The integrators enable project structures and budgets to be synchronized between PM systems and ERP systems without duplication. eTimeMachine can breakdown cost and budget information based on any defined accounting period to align project financials to corporate finance reporting structure.

Auditable Timesheets, Data Integrity

Single Point of Entry concept eliminates inconsistencies across multiple systems. Data Validation and Business Rules – prevent data entry errors, ensure information accuracy and helps exception handling. Flexible Approval Process guarantees information accuracy. Transaction based approach supported by audit trail keeps.

Report Time with with Microsoft Outlook

Employees can now view all their assigned tasks from Microsoft Project, Primavera, Workflows, Remedy ARS, Magic Service Desk and eTimeMachine in a MS Outlook calendar view. An employee is given the flexibility to import selected activities or the entire work schedule into their Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Easy Timesheets Anywhere, Anytime

Report time, progress and expenses with eTimeMachine on LAN, WAN, WEB, Mobile devices and by Email. Automatically capture your time and attendance with eTimeMachine Timer based on pre-defined settings. Use eTimeMachine Stop-Watch on BlackBerry to time your activities in the field.

Timesheets on Mobile Devices

Timesheets, project management software and billing tools are now available for mobile devices. eTimeMachine collects activities, resource assignments and trouble tickets from systems such as Remedy, MS Project, Primavera, sends to employee’s mobile devices to be updated with progress and time/expense.

Project Solutions

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Time & Attendance

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Resource Planning

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Business Reporting

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