CostOS™ Professional

Cost Estimating has never been more professional before. CostOS™ Estimating Professional Edition is the ideal solution for medium or big construction companies and corporations. CostOS Pro powerful database and friendly Graphical User Interface will “boost” your cost estimating department’s productivity and increase your chances of winning more profitable projects.

Pricing more jobs means you get more offers from suppliers and subcontractors. It also means that you get to know the different rates between different geographical areas and countries.As you are undertaking more projects you can easily judge about whom of the suppliers or the subcontractors is a reliable one and who is not. You get to know the labor and equipment rates and their productivities. You also get to know the best combination of labor and equipment to perform specific tasks. All this data is key for your business and it grows as your business grows. It is what Nomitech defines as your experience. CostOS Standard is the ideal tool to capture your experience and assist you in estimating the cost of new projects more accurately.

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