On-Screen Takeoff®

Forget what you knew for Quantity Surveying. Discover the On- Screen Takeoff® software and make the quantity takeoff process fun, quick, accurate and without mistakes.

Nomitech is now a central distributor of On-Screen Takeoff® in Europe and the Middle East and invites you to meet the quantity surveying of the future.

On-Screen Takeoff® allows you to import drawings either in PDF or DWG format and measure quantities out of them, very fast. The quantities you measure are color coded, making sure that you do not double count or forget any of them.

The auto count command allows you to automatically calculate the number of pieces like doors, lights, trees, etc, that appear in a drawing.

So, forget about paper and rulers. All your quantity surveys can now be in a digital format and you can refer to your calculations any time, easily. The database that runs below On-Screen Takeoff allows many quantity surveyors to work on the same project simultaneously, accelerating in this way the quantity takeoff process to a great extent.

Discover On-Screen Takeoff® and get ahead of competition!

CostOS Estimating for Quantity Surveying

CostOS is now integrated with the On-Screen TakeOff® Software, and becomes in this way the ultimate Estimating Package for various industries.

While working with your Estimate in CostOS, you can now connect to the On-Screen Takeoff to calculate quantities from PDF or DWG Drawings. This integration allows you to increase by 50% your estimating speed and most importantly avoid making Costly Mistakes.

Moreover, through CostOS you can assign as many Takeoff Conditions as you like to one Bill of Quantity Item, apply factors on them and select which unit of measurement to be taken into account.

In addition, you can import different quantity take off conditions from different drawings and even from different projects, just to a single BOQ Item. Of course, changes that are made on the take-off conditions can be synchronized with your estimate, by the click of a button. Using On-Screen Takeoff for your takeoff process is an efficient, accurate and fun way to work. The integration with CostOS enables you to increase the productivity of your Estimating Team and become more productive against your competitors.

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