CostOS™ Enterpise Edition

CostOS™ Enterprise Edition, is specifically designed for companies that want to increase their efficiency through team working.

The system enables the cost engineers to have real time access on the cost data of the central database. Different roles may be assigned among the members of the team and the experience of the senior estimators may be easily passed to the jounior ones.

High End Technology

The Enterprise Edition utilizes the high end technology standards of the Java Enterprise Edition Platform, which makes it extremely powerfull compared to other estimating solutions:

  • Operating System Independence (runs on any operating system)
  • Database Platform Independence (can work with any database engine)
  • Advanced Resource Indexing making in much easier to find and place resources

Centralized Cost Databases

CostOS even enables companies with offices in different parts of the world to exchange real time cost data and work on the same bid all around the clock.

  • Exchange real time cost data
  • Define roles and improve team working
  • Easily search on databases that may contain millions of entries
  • Apply filters, sort and group database entries
  • Boost your cost estimating productivity

Cost Estimating

  • Calculate the depreciation cost of your equipment
  • Take into account local fuel and energy prices
  • Copy – paste items between previously estimated projects and synchronize to update their rates
  • Keep versions of Cost Estimates
  • Create assemblies
  • Run different profitability scenarios
  • Export the estimates for Risk Analysis with @Risk
  • Color code the status of the BOQ Items and submit them to upper management for approval


  • Get highly sophisticated summary reports that will help you on your final decision
  • Back up your estimate with the Cost Analysis reports
  • Run through the graphs of the WBS Costs for final checks
  • Get an idea of the project resources through the Resource Pie Charts
  • Hand a list of all the suppliers, equipment and subcontractors needed to the project execution team

Seamless integration with other software

  • Export your resource loaded project to Primavera or Microsoft Project
  • Append or create your central cost database from your current Excel Spreadsheets
  • Import the Bill of Quantities from Excel or Word
  • Export your reports to Excel, Word, PDF
  • Integrate CostOS with any ERP system to locate and automatically collect data

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