CostOS Features

Feature Name CostOS Pro CostOS Standard
Modern and extremely easy to use User Interface
Job Costing
Powerfull Centralized Cost Databases
Synchronized Relational Databases
Full Reporting Capabilities
Customizable Reports
Composite Assemblies
 Pricing Based On Resources
 Productivity Method for BOQ Items Costing
 Total Units Method for BOQ Items Costing
 Cost Database Filtering
 BOQ Items Filtering
 Calculation of Equipment Depreciation Rate
 Time Projected Graph for Equipment Cost Capital
 Equipment Fuel Rate updated based on fuel Cosumption and local energy prices
 Importing/Exporting Item Cost Book
 Summary by Division and Subdivision
 Supplier and Subcontractor Comparison based on previous Performance
 Cost Data Filtering and Sorting based on Geographical Location and Country
 Supplier database associated with the Material database
 Project Indirect Cost Analysis
 Project Closing Form and Selling Price
 Total Cost and Rate analysis per BOQ Item
 Copy / Paste Support of BOQ Items with their Resources between multiple projects
 Pie Chart of Total Cost analyzed on the Resources Total Cost
 Password Features
 Ability to open and work interactively with multiple projects
 Disount Calculation on Customers Budget
 Subscription to the Nomiforum Online Support System
 Three Months Free Phone Support
 E-Mail Support
 Training Available

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