Audit Management

HQMS Audit Management puts the power of total audit control and tracking into your hands. Create and conduct recurring or one-time audits, build simple audit checklists or complex ones with as many subitems as you want, or track findings to their resolution across any and all other modules in HQMS. Audit Management is an amazing tool to allow quality engineers to do their jobs with less paperwork and less desk time.

You can also perform remote audits with ease, either on the factory floor or half-way around the world, with Harrington Group’s new RemoteAuditor. Take this versatile, easy to use tool into the field and gather the data you need quickly and accurately. Simply upload the audit results to HQMS and create, manage and track audit findings from any computer with internet access. With its straight-forward easy to use interface, RemoteAuditor will save your company time and money while improving accuracy, tracking, and accountability.

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