EZ CM Connect
by EZ Access LLC.

EZ CM Connect from EZ Access enables project team members to create RFIs, Daily Reports QC Notices and Issues on their mobile device. It also provides access, to view, manage and share,(via email), key project documents created in Oracle’s Primavera Contract Management. Using EZ CM the project will benefit from team members who are on-site contributing key event information as it happens.

Each user has the ability to manage and impact project progress by having important contract information available on their mobile device. Users are able to make timely decisions based on the content and the status of key project documents, or users can share this information with other team members, via email, to initiate a collaborative decision.

EZ CM Connect offers a highly intuitive process for creating and retrieving Contract Management data that is organized in a method familiar to a Contract Manager user—first by Project and then by Module. To enhance EZ retrieval, users can filter documents by many key areas.

Creating Daily Reports and RFI’s “on-the-fly” has some revolutionary features. 1) The ability to include pictures in the body of a RFI that is emailed for an Answer. 2) The RFI email also includes a link to be used by the responding person to enter their Answer. 3) When the responding person submits their Answer, the user is notified via email and the RFI is updated in both the mobile device and the CM DB.

EZ CM Connect requires either a current user license, or a “Web Services/API” license for Oracle’s Primavera Contract Management that is installed and on a web server with an external URL for access. Contract Management v. 12 or later is recommended. (The Web Services license is available on versions 13.1 and 14.)

This app requires a strong 3G signal or a Wi-Fi connection. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

Manage key information for 6 other modules:

  • Issues
  • Contracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Change Orders
  • Proposals
  • Submittals

What you can do with “EZ CM”

  • Create edit and View any of the following:
  • RFIs
  • Daily Reports
  • QC Notices
  • Issues
  • All of these modules have voice-to-text functionality. Speak it, don’t type it.

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