Consultancy Firms

Being able to deal with change is a continuous challenge faced by consultancy firms. Client extensions, change requests, project ‘peaks and troughs’ are regular occurrences that make managing resources across multiple bids and project’s a complex task.
Asta Powerproject is a project, portfolio and resource management solution that provides enterprise-wide visibility over all projects, resources, cost/income and ongoing work. Having a complete and realistic understanding on the impact of impending projects means priorities can be assessed and realistic achievable project plans can be created. Thus aiding sustained productivity.
Asta Powerproject facilitates real-time project collaboration which is enhanced through the fully integrated web based time and expense tracking solution. Fee-earners can accurately record and submit their timesheets from anywhere in the world. Once approved, the data is automatically fed into the main project plan ensuring your project data is always up to date.
Having a project and resource management system in place for measuring and comparing productivity, means you can set realistic targets and meet resource demand as the business sees fit. Accessing and analyzing information on the actual cost and resource requirements of past projects ensures future bids are accurate and achievable.
The outcome is better project delivery, improved customer satisfaction; higher number of successful bids and increased profitability.

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