Mobile access from anywhere, anytime

Many of the people involved in a project team may often not be office based and need to be able to keep in touch when on the move. The Asta Powerproject suite includes supporting elements that provide easy access to view reports, update projects, report progress and record expenses wherever you are located, 24 hours a day. This ensures that everyone involved has access to the information they need to see and helps keep projects updated in an accurate and timely manner.

Those who can benefit from mobile access include:

Project Managers/ Resource Managers

  • Who can assign individuals to tasks and show task details
  • Who need to receive regular, timely progress updates
  • Who can approve, edit or reject timesheet submissions that once approved can then be automatically fed into the main project plan

Team Members

  • For easy remote access to access, edit and update their timesheets from anywhere
  • To keep on track using individual, scheduled task lists
  • To accurately record time spent against all tasks
  • To log expenses and submit timesheets
  • To submit progress in terms of percentage, man hours or quantity of work done remotely.
  • To reduce the administrative burden in collecting project progress from remote locations.

Senior Managers and Project Stakeholders

  • To easily access real-time status reports and then drill down to analyse data in more detail.
  • To enable infrequent project contributors to monitor, access and report on project data in a cost-effective manner.
  • To view dashboard reports generated by powerful business intelligence tools to give clear visibility across all project activity

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