Deliver Projects on Time

Whether you are working on simple or complex project activity, Asta Powerproject puts you in control so you can plan, manage and deliver on time with many powerful features including:

Easy to use but powerful Gantt Chart

Asta Powerproject has at its core a highly powerful Gantt Chart with drag and drop functions to assign attributes to activities such as resources, costs, codes and calendars. This makes it easier to use than other systems which rely on a more dialog based approach and enables you to hold and display a wide range of project data such as start and end dates, dependencies, critical milestones, resource allocations, costs, planned vs. actual and any re-schedules, which can be viewed from the one screen.

This intuitive Gantt Chart,along with graphical histograms and work breakdown structures forms an extremely powerful and effective project and resource management tool which provides visibility, collaboration, flexibility and accountability to assist in on-time project delivery.

Create new projects easily

With a similar ‘look and feel’ as Microsoft products like Word and Excel, creating a new project is quick and easy. You simply complete a short dialogue box with basic project details. You can then draw on the bar chart to create your plan. With some other systems, the amount of set-up that needs to be done before you can start creating your plan is significant and can cause unnecessary delay.

Projects can either be created with a Work Breakdown structure or Product Breakdown structure.

Critical Path

The creation of accurate critical paths and as a result accurate prediction of the end date of projects is possible by adding multiple logic links between tasks.

Unlike some other software, Asta Powerproject uses the correct calendars for different links during a reschedule. It uses the predecessor calendar for Start-Start links and the successor calendar for Finish-Finish links. This has a profound effect on the project end date when tasks with mixed calendars are involved. Software that does not have this facility will return an inaccurate project end date.

With Asta Powerproject you can always be confident that the project end date is accurate.

Multiple tasks per line

Asta Powerproject enables you to create multiple tasks per line on the bar chart. This makes printouts significantly smaller and more compact for easier analysis.

Undo and Redo

A comprehensive ‘multiple undo’ feature enables you to conduct powerful ‘what if’ analysis and error correction. This allows you to undo not only changes to tasks but also reschedules, changes to costs, resources, annotations etc.

By using this ‘multiple undo’ feature you will always be able to get back to exactly where you started. This provides a great safety net and gives you the confidence to test out different scenarios without the worry of not being able to revert back to your original plan.

Stakeholder and senior management reports

All stakeholders can clearly see up to date project progress and identify whether a project is on schedule to meet key milestones and can ultimately be delivered within the constraints of time, cost and resource availability. The Asta Powerproject suite includes a business intelligence tool for easy access to powerful dashboard reports.

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