Deliver Projects on Budget

Cost management is an essential element of every project. Without cost management you become blind to the financial impact of the project. Asta Powerproject helps you deliver projects on budget by enabling you to understand and control project costs and resources with many powerful features, including:

A real-time view of the planned versus actual costs

With clear views of planned versus actual project costs, Asta Powerproject helps you track variances, improve processes or make estimates more accurate.

You can baseline your original plan and budget, then compare cost variances across project programmes to identify where extra costs are being incurred and where savings are being made. This enables you to keep tight control of costs and ensure you deliver projects to budget.

Flexible ‘what-if’ analysis

The powerful Gantt Chart in Asta Powerproject provides a high level of flexibility through re-scheduling tools and ‘what-if’ scenarios. Changes can be reviewed at project, programme and portfolio level and provide an accurate assessment of the impact caused. The multiple ‘undo’ feature means you can review change requests with confidence, knowing that your original plan is there should you want to revert back.

On larger, more complex projects a useful function is to reschedule just a section of the project rather than the entire project. This allows you to easily test out a number of different scenarios (i.e. changing dates, task durations, costs etc.) and reschedule the plan. If you are happy with the amended results you can accept the reschedule, if not you can undo it and the overall project plan remains unaffected.

Multiple histogram display

More than one histogram can be displayed on the screen along with the Gantt Chart allowing better visibility of cost and income to help improve management of cashflow.

Directly allocate costs

In Asta Powerproject you have the option for costs to be directly allocated to tasks allowing net cost planning & management (Cost & Income) without the need for resource assignment. The duration of an activity can be calculated from an amount of work to carry out and a work-rate. This doesn’t have to be related to the resources of a task.

Cost/Income assigment at project & WBS Level

You can allocate cost to expanded tasks (project level) or summary tasks (sub-phase level) which allows for easier cost planning without the need to assign costs to each individual task. Resources and costs allocated at task level also contribute to the project/phase totals allowing separation of top level and task level costs.

Track Expenses

Team members can record all expenses, both project-related and business-as-usual, with Time Sheet so expenses can be linked to particular tasks in specific projects, making it quicker and easier to charge expenses to the relevant client or department.

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