Asta Powerproject Multi-User

Proven, powerful multi-user application for complete visibility over multiple projects, programmes and resources in real-time.

Keeping track of multiple projects and resources can very quickly become problematic and extremely time consuming when done in silos. With Asta Powerproject multi-user you can centrally manage all your projects and programmes with optimum efficiency.

The system enables multiple users to work collaboratively on the same project at the same time. The secure central database provides complete visibility over who is doing what, when and where. Processes are enhanced, communications improved and administrative tasks dramatically reduced, meaning users are free to focus on meeting that all important completion date.

The Asta Powerproject multi-user solution can ‘scale-up’ enabling organisations to effectively manage entire teams and departments as well as deliver highly complex, large-scale projects and programmes. With powerful resource planning and re-scheduling tools available, organisations can ensure everyone is working optimally and to their capacity.

Working in real-time helps organisations better manage and adapt to changes as well as providing greater project knowledge for improved decision making. With visibility and clarity over your performance you can see those projects that are contributing the most to the strategic objectives, thus delivering maximum benefits to the business.

“We had not come across Asta Powerproject before and were assessing a couple of other tools including Primavera and MS Project. When we first saw Asta Powerproject it looked a good tool straight away which was quite exciting.”
Matt O’Grady, Program Manager, Hansen Yuncken

Asta Powerproject’s supreme reporting tools will dramatically improve communication among all stakeholders. The central database provides live project data so you are always reporting on the very latest and up-to-date information. Whether you want simply tabular reports, graphical histograms or more detailed dashboard reports, Asta Powerproject provides high quality output.

With Asta Powerproject multi-user you can:

  • Have two or more users working on the same project or programme
  • Manage multiple projects, programmes and resources with ease
  • ‘Scale-up’ the solution to meet the needs of an entire team, department or organisation
  • Get complete visibility over all projects, programmes and resources
  • Get clarity over your performance and ensure projects meet your strategic objectives
  • Improve communication among all stakeholders
  • Produce high-quality graphical reports using live data
  • Work in real-time and better manage project change and risk
  • Increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs

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