Managing onsite progress, monitoring and reporting

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It is vital yo keep accurate records of project progress to protect your organization should a dispute arise

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As the project moves forward, keeping track of progress and providing clear reporting is crucial to support decisions for successful project delivery, as well as providing detailed as built records for protection in the event of litigation claims.

The financial penalties for poor project delivery can be crippling, so you need to be able to prove that you delivered the project effectively and that any deviations from the contract programme were addressed and reflected in an updated version of the plan.

The software compares what was planned with actual progress. It plots a line that shows whether the programme is behind or ahead of schedule, from that we can see which items have fallen behind and take the appropriate action, in time.
Phil Williams, Principal Design Manager, Wates

Why construction professionals rely on Asta Powerproject to help keep their projects on track and protect their business:

Collect progress from site

Asta Powerproject has flexible progress methods so date and progress data can be entered correctly against tasks in order to correctly calculate task end dates and, by implication, project end dates. The Actual Start and Finish dates are entered against completed activities representing when the work took place. In-progress activities have the Actual Start, Remaining Duration and % Complete entered

View and analyse progress

You can show current progress against the project baseline in a very graphical way making it clear which tasks are not going according to plan and the impact on revised completion dates. This helps communicate progress quickly and effectively to other members of the project team to enable proactive actions to be taken where needed.

Powerful reporting

Keep decision makers updated with clear reports on the latest information using Asta Powerproject’s reporting tools for clear presentation, including mobile access to dashboard reports on your iPad .

Multiple Progress Periods

Asta Powerproject has multiple Progress Periods. You can record actual progress per period, actual cost per period and actual resource per period to build up a full history on what has happened on site to give a far more detailed history of project progress than software which does not do this. This is vital if you need to prove what happened at any point in time.

Establish an accurate ‘As-Built’ programme

When tasks are progressed, the exact nature of progress can be recorded. You can have multiple suspend and resume dates so you don’t just have an actual start and end date and you can see how activity progressed across its span, including any breaks. Thus the history of a project is far more accurate than in many other systems. This is important when it comes to establishing an accurate ‘As-Built’ plan.

Keep accurate records for protection against claims

With an accurate record of what happened at each reporting stage during your project, this makes it much easier to create a rock solid record of progress at various points in time as your project progresses, which would stand up to detailed scrutiny if a dispute arose. This would ultimately protect your organisation in any legal claims situation, whereas software which does not do this might not.

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