Create Tenders to win new Business

Unrivaled Presentation

Only Asta Powerproject can produce plans that can win you business and be used to progress effectively throughout the construction lifecycle.

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To win business your tenders need to stand out from all the others to really impress your client and instill confidence in your plan. Asta Powerproject is the recognised standard for high performance project management, scheduling and resource control. Its unrivalled presentation tools can help you to win project tenders and communicate effectively.

Some software can be over complex making it slower and more cumbersome to create a reliable plan to support a tender, requiring detailed WBS or Activity Coding. Some more simple options may seem quicker, but less impressive in presentation and unable to be developed into a detailed schedule and ongoing plan.

Why construction professionals choose Asta Powerproject to help them win bids:

Creating a new project is quick and easy

You simply complete a short dialogue box with basic project details. You can then draw on the bar chart to create your plan. With some other systems, the amount of set-up that needs to be done before you can start creating your plan is significant and can cause unnecessary delay.

Create a schedule quickly

Many of our users who have previously worked with other planning software where you have to add the resource to a task before you can add the duration find our easy-to-use Task Work approach particularly helpful for creating tenders as you can create a schedule without needing to allocate resources. This makes it quicker and easier to create a plan – you can put in the ‘broad brush’ data and then go back and add in the detail later, if you need to.

Produce high quality output to impress your client

With Asta Powerproject’s presentation tools you can easily produce high quality professional looking output so that your tender document will really stand out from others.

Integrate with BIM models

Asta Powerproject integrates easily with BIM models to visualise how the building will look at any point during its construction. You can visually compare the impact of different building strategies and sequences of events; and improve communication with all project stakeholders.

Integrate with other project management software

Asta Powerproject enables you to open files from other software systems (Microsoft Project™, Oracle Primavera P3™ & P6™ and SureTrak™) and save Asta Powerproject files into formats that can be opened in such systems so you can easily exchange data with people working on different software if you need to. We provide ‘templates’ that can be used when opening files from other formats, so as to give the user a more familiar presentation of their project data.

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