Develop accurate schedules – for even the most complex of projects

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The easy to use fully featured Gantt chart helps you ensure your plan is accurate, even the most complex of projects.

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Some software uses confusing defaults and an unfriendly interface with awkward processes that can increase the risk of human error. Asta Powerproject has evolved with input from our users who are planning professionals to ensure it is an effective scheduling tool. It has at its core a fully featured Gantt Chart with drag and drop functions to assign attributes to activities such as resources, costs, codes and calendars.

This makes it easier to use than other systems which rely on a more dialog based approach and enables you to hold and display a wide range of project data which can be viewed from the one screen. Projects can either be created with a Work Breakdown Structure or Product Breakdown structure.

Asta Powerproject has proved to be an excellent tool because of its ability to produce fully integrated, logic linked programmes of several thousand activities that are easy to understand, backed up with cost and resource data as required.
Bob Davies, Senior Planning Manager, Carillion

Construction professionals rely on Asta Powerproject for its powerful scheduling tools which include:

Multiple calendars

Asta Powerproject ensures the correct calculation of dates when multiple calendars are used on different tasks to reflect different work patterns. It uses the predecessor calendar for Start-Start links and the successor calendar for Finish-Finish links. Software that does not have this facility will return an inaccurate project end date.

Multi-undo and re-do

A comprehensive ‘multiple undo’ feature allows you to undo changes to tasks, reschedules, costs etc. even after a ‘Save’. This provides a greater safety net than you get with other software giving you the confidence to test out different ‘what if’ analysis without worrying about getting back to your original plan.

Suspend and split tasks

Asta Powerproject shows multiple tasks on one row and you can split a task into two or more tasks – based on date, duration or percent complete.This is extremely useful for any situation where a certain sequence of tasks is repeated. Split tasks can be assigned their own resources, costs and codes which cannot be achieved in other software that lacks this capability.

Multiple links between tasks

This is extremely important in creating accurate critical paths by demonstrating cause and effect of changes on a project and projecting the end date accurately. When two tasks can partially happen at the same time, if there is only one link between these tasks, as with some software, then a change of duration or partial progress can’t effect the end date, but if there are two links it can.

Resource histograms

With multiple graphs and histograms – of people requirements, materials or finances you can make edits to the plan and immediately see the impact. You can see the project schedule and resource histograms on the same view and print on one page, giving you better visibility and improved decision-making than software which can’t do this.

Critical chain

Asta Powerproject comes with all the features to support critical chain project management without the need for add-ons or additional products.

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