Create, develop and manage through all stages

Asta Powerproject is widely used to plan and manage all aspects of the construction lifecycle for simple tasks through to some of the world’s most complex construction projects, such as Europe’s tallest building, The London Shard; Jumeirah Park, Dubai; The Reichstag, Berlin; Petronas Towers, Malaysia; and Durban International Airport.

Unlike other software that can only address parts of the construction lifecycle, Asta Powerproject can be relied upon to create a plan and develop it through every stage, giving you one quality software solution for all your project needs.

Create bids to win business

To win business your bids need to stand out from all the others to really impress your client and instill confidence in your plan.

Develop accurate schedules

After winning the job you will want to refine the details to deliver the project including procurement plans and fully resourced and costed plans for all tasks. At this stage you need to be confident your plan is accurate.

Manage onsite progress, monitoring & reporting

As the project moves forward, keeping track of progress and providing clear reporting is crucial for successful project delivery and to provide as built records for protection in case of litigation claims.

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