Civil Engineering

Project managing major civil engineering projects can be highly complex. Asta Powerproject has been used on many projects throughout the world including rail, road, bridge and tunnelling projects. The feature rich capability of the software enables project managers to keep their projects on track and to facilitate easy communication across everyone involved in the project.

“We selected Asta Powerproject as it helps us to manage the many road projects required most effectively. The combination of it being an easy to use tool, together with the high quality reports it produces makes it ideal to support our requirements. The multi-user application is extremely useful as it allows different members of the project team to access the most up-to-date data at the same time.”

Kevin Balaam, Area 6 Programme Manager, Atkins Highways & Transportation

Winning business is clearly the first step to a successful company and in competitive times, this becomes even more critical. Read this case study on how J Breheny Contractors, one of the largest privately-owned civil engineering companies in the UK, found that moving to Asta Powerproject has helped ensure proactive and effective management of their projects from the vital tender stage forward.

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